Company History

A manufacturer of medical devices and specialty medical solutions, Preservation Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 after recognizing the need for a service to manufacture medical products employing strict aseptic technique.

Our technical staff has had the privilege of working with some of the pioneers in the organ/cellular preservation field including:

Geoffrey Collins M.D.; responsible for the Collins Solution and the Euro-Collins Solution and Cardiosol Solution for heart transplant.

Folkart Belzer, M.D. and James Southard PhD; patent holders of the University of Wisconsin Cold Storage Solution and University of Wisconsin Machine Perfusion Solution.

Through these collaborations, and others, we have gained the experience and knowledge that allow us to partner with some of the leading distributors of organ transplant solutions.

FDA Approvals

Preservation Solutions currently holds five FDA approvals to market medical solutions, including solutions for organ transplantation and solutions for use in endoscopic surgery.