Pentastarch Solution

Simplify the cryopreservation process with an extracellular protective agent that safeguards cells during the freeze/thaw process

Leading medical solutions manufacturer Preservation Solutions, Inc. developed the PSI Pentastarch Solution with the unique needs of cell preservation centers in mind. The PSI Pentastarch Solution acts as an extracellular protectant when mixed with cells and intracellular cryopreservatives during the freeze/thaw process.

Designed to support the delicate cryopreservation freeze/thaw cycle and aid in cellular preservation, PSI Pentastarch Solution offers multiple positive attributes and clinical benefits:

Product Specs

  • PSI Pentastarch Solution
  • 20% Solution
  • (200mg/mL)
  • Designed for use in cell processing
    and freezing applications
  • Sterile • Non-pyrogenic • Non-toxic
  • Meets USP (L.V.P.) Particulate Limits
  • Store 2-8˚C
  • Product Code: PST001

The PSI Pentastarch Solution is a liquid solution supplied in 50 mL quantities filled into 100 mL USP Class VI biocompatible packaging. Custom quantities and packaging to meet specific cell preservation protocols can be accommodated.

Preparation And Use


PSI Pentastarch Solution is a clear, sterile liquid product intended for use as a component in freezing cells. PSI Pentastarch Solution is composed of the following:



200 mg/ml



1.8 mg/ml

electrolyte Solution*

q.s. to volume

* Electrolyte Solution (per 100 mL volume) is composed of 526mg NaCI, 502mg Soldium Gluconate, 368mg Sodium Acetate-3H2O, 37mg KCI, 30mg MgCI2-6H20 Osmolality of undiluted stock solution is approximately equal to 360 mOsm/kg; pH is approximately 6.6.

How Supplied

50 mL PSI Pentastarch Solution is contained in a 100 mL capacity, flexible EVA bag. A shelf carton contains 5 bags. Store PSI Pentastarch Solution at 2-8˚C (36-46˚F). Avoid excessive heat. Do not use if obvious particulate matter, precipitate, or contamination are evident in the solution.

Intended Use

PSI Pentastarch Solution is a liquid product intended for use as a component in cryopreservation media for human ex vivo cells, as part of culture processing. Pentastarch acts as an extracellular protecting agent. When mixed with intracellular cryopreservatives, Pentastarch aids in the preservation of cells during the freeze/thaw process.

Request Product Sample

To request a product sample and/or Certificate of Analysis, contact Company Services at or call (262) 723-6715

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