ClearIt ™ Anti-Fog

When a Clear, sterile lens is critical…the Clear choice is ClearIt™ Anti-Fog

ClearIt Anti-Fog is sterile and intended for single use in the operating room.  Developed specifically for the treatment of laparoscopic lenses, ClearIt will assure a clear image and repel moisture that often forms during surgery. ClearIt Anti-Fog can efficiently control condensation on goggles, microscope eyepieces, site shields, even eye glasses, virtually any place that fog can obstruct vision and any time that sterility is critical. The lens treatment of choice, ClearIt is sterile, latex-free and safe to use for both patient and technician.

ClearIt Anti-Fog Solution is available in two convenient applications.

ClearIt Cloth PS001

The pre-saturated ClearIt Cloth provides efficient, effective one-time lens treatment. The Cloth is low-lint, and safe to use and discard.

ClearIt Kit PS003

It is easy to control the amount of solution with the ClearIt Kit's 6cc vial and sponge. As an added safety feature, the adhesive-backed sponge has an integrated radiopaque thread which allows the sponge to be traced with an x-ray.

Silicone Wipes

The Silicone Wipe is employed in medical device processing areas to lubricate and reduce friction of sliding or hinged surfaces of instruments and/or medical devices.

This product is supplied sterile, nonpyrogenic, nontoxic and includes certification to provide assurance that microbial bioburden or endotoxin levels will not adversely impact device or instrument safety.

 Packaging Information

All PSI products are packaged by the box for convenient access and storage. If usage is high or shelf space is not an issue, ClearIt may also be purchased, at a savings, in case quantities.

PS001 ClearIt Cloth: Box/20 or Case/120
PS003 ClearIt Kit: Box/10 or Case/60


Material Safety Data Sheets available for PSI ClearIt™.

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